5 Best Air Hockey Tables

A round of billiards or a toss of darts can’t compare to the time spent on one of the 5 best air hockey tables outside of your local fair. Whether playing with family or friends, slapping the puck across a slippery white table can be heaps of fun.  Long before Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, or Wii, this was the way to spend a cool afternoon.

  1. Sportcraft Flow Air Hockey Table. This table is well-built and beautifully designed. It has electronic score counters and a good airflow. This air hockey table isn’t competition strength but its perfect for home recreational use, if you can afford the price tag that is.
  2. Harvil Table Top Air Slide Hockey. This is the one everybody remembers.  Its the table top machine that you would play on the dining table after dinner and try to smash your siblings fingers with or make daddy spill his drink; but not on the game. Always good for a great time, this will forever be one of the five best air hockey tables primarily because it’s basic fun, but also because its the cheapest of the bunch and money matters.
  3. Valley Dynamo Pro Style Hockey Table. This is for big boys and girls only and you’ll need a big checkbook to afford it. It’s the one you will find at major arcades, amusements parks and quality casinos and bars. It comes in both seven and eight feet professional sizes and its built to last. At over four hundred pounds, this thing isn’t going anywhere, so feel free to pump it, beat it, and bang away. If all else fails, it makes for a great air conditioner.  You’ll be hovering over this air hockey table for hours.
  4. Carrom Premium Hydralumina Hockey. The name Carrom brings to mind the little wooden tabletop game with the net pockets. Carroms felt like a combination of pool and checkers and had a lot of stuff on the board that you either did or didn’t know how to play. Bumper pool, thumb caroms, traps, etc. This air hockey table creates the same sensation. It’s far from cheap but creates just the type of table you want on the backyard patio on a hot and humid summer night.
  5. Harvard XH 6000 Air Hockey Table. Well built and solidly designed, this machine is sure to provide one of the best air hockey playing experiences that you will find. It doesn’t take up much space and the build is sturdy. On the flipside, the puck tends to get stuck in certain spots due to lack of airflow. Nevertheless, pick up the puck, unstick it and keep playing. It should last for hours on end.
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