5 Best Air Mattresses For Everyday Use

The 5 best air mattresses for everyday use are those air mattresses you can just throw yourself (or any guest, for that matter) on and not worry about a thing! They are air mattresses that embody everything that's good about a traditional bed, but with which you can just inflate in a short amount of time wherever you happen to be. If you need extra beds for guests, check out these air mattresses for everyday use.

  1. Aero Aerobed Guest Choice Inflatable Bed. The next time your annoying relative is in town and wants to crash at your place, just make him sleep on Aero's Aerobed and pick yourself up some brownie points just for that act of kindness. A twin-sized bed, the Aerobed features a velvet-like sleep surface thanks to its interior coil construction good enough to land it at number one.
  2. Intex Queen Foam Top Rising Comfort Raised Airbed Set. If you want real height in your air mattress–two feet of extra height– scope out Intex's Queen Foam Top Rising Comfort Raised Airbed Set. Sleep on this air mattress and sleep two feet off the ground thanks to its platform that supports your mattress like a sturdy foundation. Due to this extra luxury of extra height, Intex's air mattress comes in at number two.
  3. Serta Elevated Diamond Coil Airbed. Serta's air mattress features super-fast deflation as well as inflation thanks to its built-in pump technology, technology which easily allows it to land at number three. With this Serta air mattress, you can also feel secure knowing that it won't slip on your floors because of its sure-grip bottom creating natural suction.
  4. Coleman Queen Double-High Airbed with 120 Volt Pump. Coleman's Queen Double-High Airbed lets you inflate it in under three minutes, an exceptionally convenient time for an air mattress this size. It takes the number four position on account of its Wrap 'N' Roll system that ensures you will have an easy time storing it somewhere.
  5. Wenzel Insta-Flex Queen Size Airbed with Pump. Wenzel's air mattress features a head and shoulder section which you can incline and recline to your heart's content, thereby allowing you to sit up in bed. It also features a flex coil construction that simply means your back support will be second-to-none as you sleep on this air mattress.
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