5 Best Air Mattresses For The Money

Wether your camping or having guests over, you will want to have one of the 5 best air mattresses for the money. When space is limited, having a quality air mattress can instantly transform any room into a guest room. Sleeping in one of these five best air mattresses for the money makes people believe they are sleeping in a luxurious bed.

  1. Intex Supreme Air Flow Queen Air Bed Nylon Flocked With Built In Electric Pump. This air mattresses inflates quickly, because it has a built in high powered pump. When inflated, this queen sized air mattress stands twenty inches off the ground. Another great aspect of this mattress is that it has a waterproof top.
  2. Coleman Double High Quick Bed Air Bed With Built In Pump. One of the best things about this air mattress is that it comes with a removable pillow top. Having three different layers makes this mattress feel more like a regular bed. It also comes with a zippered bag for easy transport and storage.
  3. Wenzel Raised Insta Air Bed With Built In Pump. For the money this is just one awesome air mattress. The adjustable seat position allows people to lay or sit comfortably on this mattress. Another thing that makes it so comfortable is that it is the same height as a standard bed.
  4. Intex Raised Downy Queen Air Bed With Built In Electric Pump. Since it is very sturdy, this is a great air mattress to take camping. The built in pillows on this air mattress makes it very comfortable to sleep on. Almost anyone can sleep on this, because it has a six hundred pound weight compactly.
  5. Coleman 4-N-1 Quick Bed Air Bed. This is a great air mattress for families. The air mattress can be separated into two twin beds. It can also be zipped together to make a king sized bed. For people who like a high mattress, it can be stacked to make a double high twin bed. With so many possibilities everyone in the family is sure to love this air mattress,



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