5 Best Air Rifles For Hunting

The five best air rifles for hunting are listed below. Each of these has plenty of power to take down small game, and all of these rifles are well crafted, reliable, and easy to use. Their sighting is also unbeatable. Following are the five best air rifles for hunting.

  1. Gamo Camo. The Gamo Camo air rifle with the scope is a perfect small game hunting tool. It is camouflaged, shaped well, and easy to use. It shoots pellets at 1,250 feet per second.
  2. Benjamin Air Rifle. Made in the United States, this hunting air rifle is beautiful and unique. It shoots pellets at 800 FPS. This air rifle is crafted from wood, and open sights lie on top of the barrel.
  3. Cabela's Outfitter Series, .177 caliber. This is another beautifully crafted wooden air rifle that shoots pellets at 1,200 feet per second, and it comes with a mil-dot scope for precision shooting.
  4. Beeman Mach 12.5 Air Rifle. This is a large rifle that looks and feels like an actual hunting rifle, but it shoots pellets (at 1,250 FPS). With a wonderfully crafted Monte Carlo wooden stock, it is one of the nicest looking air guns available.
  5. Gamo Whisper Classic: With a built in silencer to make this air rifle over twice as quiet as others of the same power, the Whisper Classic has a nice wooden stock, and it comes with a 4×32 scope. It shoots .22 pellets (at 1,200 FPS).

Listed above are the five best air rifles for hunting. Each has its own attributes and unique look, and all of these air rifles are reliable and accurate, making them perfect for hunting small game.



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