5 Best: Alec Bladwin SNL

Here are the 5 best Alec Baldwin In the early days of his career, Alec Baldwin was known mainly as a serious actor until he began appearing on "Saturday Night Live." He's been in so many funny bits it's almost impossible to name the five best Alec Baldwin "SNL" moments. He has hosted the show fourteen times—the second highest in the show's history before Steve Martin who has done it fifteen times—and has been involved in some of the shows most hilarious sketches. Here are the five best Alec Baldwin "SNL" bits.

  1. Charles Nelson Reilly on "The Actors Studio" By far the best Alec Baldwin SNL skit is his impersonation of Charles Nelson Reilly. With Will Ferrell doing his dead on send up of James Lipton on "The Actors Studio" he interviews his guest CNR played by Baldwin. The skit includes the birth of Reilly's trademark jiggling of his glasses, his artistic mastery in "Canonball Run II," and his thespian endeavors on "Match Game." The pair are hysterical and in the words of Ferrell's Lipton, "It was acting at it's finest. Acting that will make you re-examine your life… It was scrumptulescent."
  2. Pete Schweddy on "The Delicious Dish" Neck and neck for first place on the list of the best Alec Baldwin SNL skits is his pastry chef Pete Schweddy, a guest on "The Delicious Dish" a parody of NPR-type radio shows. Pete creates Christmas goodies for his company Season's Eatings and he brings along samples of his tasty Schweddy balls. The double entendres roll as tears stream down viewers' cheeks. "No one can resist my Schweddy balls."
  3. Scout Master on "Canteen Boy" While the Canteen Boy sketch is slightly controversial, it is still one of the best Alec Baldwin SNL characters he ever created. Baldwin plays Mr. Armstrong, a scoutmaster who seduces his Boy Scout assistant, Adam Sandler's Canteen Boy. The skit crossed the line with so many viewers that letters poured in prompting Baldwin and Sandler to do a revised politically correct version on a later episode, rivaling the original in its humor.
  4. "Glengarry Glen-Christmas" Alec Baldwin plays Winter's Breath, a motivational elf speaker sent from the North Pole home office, in a complete send up of Baldwin's famous "Glengarry Glen Ross" role. The foul mouthed, hard-edged pixie threatens to fire every elf in a week's time unless they win the toy-making contest. His rant culminates in the ABC's of elving—Always Be Cobbling.
  5. "The Tony Bennett Show" His imitation of Tony Bennett rounds out the list of the best Alec Baldwin SNL moments. On the talk show parody, he welcomes guest Liza Minnelli (Maya Rudolf) and her husband David Guest (Chris Kattan) and confronts the couple on the issue of Guest's rumored sexual preference, asking "Why would you build your house in a cherry orchid when you dig bananas."
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