5 Best ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Characters

Alice may be the main character in Wonderland, but the 5 best "Alice in Wonderland" characters, don't include Alice. The more interesting characters in Alice in Wonderland don't spend a lot of time on the screen or are only in a few pages of the books. Others were too awesome to be included in the more mainstream versions of Alice in Wonderland that we have all grown up with. Their ferocity is relegated to the pages of a few poems Carroll wrote as he continued Alice's adventures in Wonderland.

  1. The Jabberwock– A scary character from the sequel to "Alice in Wonderland," "Alice Through the Looking Glass and What She Found There," the Jabberwock was so scary that he was cut from all of the more mainstream versions of the "Alice in Wonderland" sagas. Can you imagine how much cooler Alice would have been if instead of making the Queen of Hearts cry, she swooped in on wicked wings and the razor sharp claws of a Jabberwock and takes over all of Wonderland! Sadly it's an ending that Carroll didn't contemplate or didn't have the balls to follow through on. The Jabberwock may be a little known "Alice in Wonderland" character, but he is still the most bad-ass.
  2. Caterpillar– Perhaps the most cynical and aloof character in the "Alice in Wonderland" universe. He sits on top of his giant magic mushroom smoking a hookah and teaches Alice how to change size by eating different bits of the mushrooms around her. He's fond of asking transcendental questions like "Who are you?", and is the character that fueled the rumors that Lewis Carroll was on drugs when he wrote the story. Even though it has long be proven that Carroll wasn't on anything when he wrote "Alice in Wonderland," it's still fun to think that he was.
  3. Cheshire Cat– The "Alice in Wonderland" character known for the ability to make himself disappear at will leaving nothing but his mischievous grin behind him. He is one of the few characters in the story who is actually kind to Alice and doesn't jerk her around too much with unanswerable questions and actually gives her tips on navigating the mean streets and forests of Wonderland. No matter how much help the Cheshire Cat seems to provide there is something about that gaping grin of his that makes you wonder if he really should be trusted.
  4. The Mad Hatter– Perhaps the most memorable character in "Alice in Wonderland," he is the ring leader of the mad tea party that never ends. He is also one of the witnesses against Alice when she goes to trial at the end of the story. Best known for wearing his giant hat with the 10/6 price tag tucked into the side, his only purpose in the story is to provide a bit of snark to frustrate Alice. Despite not getting a lot of screen time he has somehow become one of the most memorable characters in "Alice in Wonderland." Years later he went onto become part of the Rogues Gallery of villains in "Batman the Animated Series" in the 90's–an excellent career move that makes up for his lack of screen time in "Alice in Wonderland."
  5. The Queen of Hearts– Being a big ball of unrepentant rage is what makes The Queen of Hearts a fun "Alice in Wonderland" character. She may talk a good game, but really, can you really be afraid of someone who is into croquet?
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