5 Best ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Quotes

Throw something fun and random into the conversation with one of the 5 best "Alice in Wonderland" quotes. When Lewis Carroll's novels, "Alice in Wonderland" became films in the 1950's they gave birth to some of the most memorable quotes in movie history. The lines that came out of "Alice in Wonderland" are the kind of jibberish that can be interpreted as either profound or nonsense. These kinds of duel meanings are what has made the quotes from "Alice in Wonderland" as fun as they are random.

  1. "We are all mad here". -The Cheshire Cat– When Alice meets the Cheshire Cat, she informs him that she doesn't want to go where the crazies are. The Cheshire Cat fixes his face with the delightfully creepy grin and sums up the mental state of every creature in Wonderland in one line. If Alice is so worried about running into crazy people why would she take advice from magical talking cat?
  2. "Curiouser and curiouser"- Alice- When Alice eats yet another of the weird Wonderland cakes, her neck grows so long that her head touches the ceiling and she can't see her feet. She is so freaked out by her new snake neck that she forgets her grammar. If our necks were to grow like that you would get an entirely different kind of quote from us and it would have nothing to do with how curious the circumstances are. Mental note Alice, stop eating everything you run across in Wonderland, nothing good can come of it. Find your way out and get a burger on your way home.
  3. "Oh my ears and whiskers! How late it's getting" -The White Rabbit- The little guy why gets the story started only has one line throughout Alice in Wonderland. He runs all over the place screaming about how late he's going to be but he never seems to get anywhere for all of his bitching. Still he has one of the most memorable lines in Alice in Wonderland. Now let see how many of you can say this line with out breaking into the song version from the Disney's "Alice in Wonderland".
  4. "Off with her head"- The Queen of Hearts- Every scene of "Alice in Wonderland" that involves The Queen of Hearts has her screaming for someone's head. Oh if only life were so simple that we could take care of everything with a few decapitations.
  5. "Who are you?"- Caterpillar- When Alice meets the Caterpillar, he is sitting on top of a giant magic mushroom smoking a hookah. When she asks him for directions, he lets out a smoke ring and asks "Who are you?" depending on who you ask this is one of many existential questions posed by "Alice in Wonderland", or the Caterpillar is just a jerk that likes to harass little girls.
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