5 Best Alicia Silverstone Movies

The 5 best Alicia Silverstone movies date back to when she was a teenager. The now thirty-something actress is much more than just an actress. She got her start in music videos for Aerosmith and has no problems turning down roles that don’t suit her.

  1. "The Crush" In “The Crush”, Alicia Silverstone plays Adrienne, a spoiled fourteen-year-old with an agenda. She has her eyes set on a journalist that has rented an apartment above her family’s garage. After he turns down her advances, she makes his life hell, destroying anything that keeps his attention away from her.
  2. "Clueless" Beverly Hills teenager Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone, seems to have it all. She is rich, popular and funny, but she comes to realize that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, something she didn’t even think about until she played matchmaker for her teachers. Now she is on a quest to find the man that is right for her.
  3. "The Babysitter" In this best Alicia Silverstone movie she plays a blonde babysitter, Jennifer. Jennifer is apparently the object of desire for every male in the movie. Her horny boyfriend, his jealous best friend, the father of the children she is watching and the kid on the verge of boyhood.
  4. "Batman & Robin" The new heroine, Batgirl, joins the duo of Batman and Robin. They have to find a cure to save the dying Alfred as well as fight the villains, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. Can they save the world from a life of eternal winter or from being turned into a greenhouse?
  5. "Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed" Alicia Silverstone plays the snarky reporter, Heather. The gang must find out how some museum reptiles came to life to thwart their mischief and prove they are not just a bunch of bumbling fakes.

In the best Alicia Silverstone movies she plays roles from a teenage babysitters that is lusted after to a heroine who must stop evil villains and save her uncle. Although her list of movies is shorter than most, she adds charm and wit to her characters. 

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