5 Best All Around Motorcycles

The 5 best all around motorcycles are fast and stylish. Their advanced technology and unique specs make these motorcycles some of the best in the class.

  1. Triumph Thunderbird 1600. This cruiser is the biggest the company has ever built. Its smooth, crisp looks can fool even the best-trained rider into thinking the bike will be a boring one to handle. With 1596cc, though, the motorcycle is not for the lazy rider. Weighing more than 95 lbs, it is comfortable and a great performance bike.
  2. Honda Rune. The replacement for the company’s revolutionary Valkyrie, the uniquely styled Rune is ridiculously fast. The bikes 1832 cc flat six was based on the famous Gold Wing. Despite its speed, the bike still has the great feel of a cruiser. Its unique style and swiftness make the Rune one of the best all around motorcycles.
  3. Honda CRF230M. The company touts this as a commuter bike with its award of having the best fuel mileage over other bikes. It’s definitely a street bike, but with seventeen inch wheels, the bike is neither unappealing nor slow. The bike is one of the best motorcycles.
  4. Yamaha FJR 1300A. With four cylinders this bike might not be thought of as the fastest out there, but that’s absolutely not the case. This speedy bike, which Yamaha labels as a “sport-cruiser,” has a horizontal four-stroke engine which is one of the fastest around. And, at a price below $20,000, it’s a ride most can enjoy. The Yamaha FJR is one of the best all around bikes.
  5. Harley Davidson 2010 Sportster Forty Eight. The famous motorcycle manufacturer has made the Forty Eight one that watchers can’t help but stare at. That’s okay, though, because riders are long gone before they realize the number of sets of eyes resting on them. With a superfast engine fed by one of the most advanced fuel systems, the Sportster is one of the best bikes.
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