5 Best All Inclusive Resorts In Jamaica

The 5 best all inclusive resorts in Jamaica are those places where you long to stay at. They are highly desirable because they make sure that you get everything (like food and drink) for one price that you pay at the beginning of your vacation. So get ready to enjoy yourself and take a break from your ultra-crappy existence when you visit one of these Jamaican resorts.

  1. Breezes Grand Negril. This is the best all inclusive resort in Jamaica because it takes up the concept of hospitality in Jamaica to a whole new level. At this resort, all your possible earthly desires (only the legal ones!) are answered, and this has a lot to do with the perfect setting of this resort. The beach side location invites you to engage in all manner of amazing activities like SCUBA diving, windsurfing, and even sailing on a sunfish!
  2. Couples Resort Negril. At the number two spot on this list of the best all inclusive resorts in Jamaica is the Couples resort. It is a resort where a certain, laid back attitude prevails to ensure that you get the most from your vacation experience. Accented by many artistic decorations, the Couples Resort Negril sits on 18 acres devoted entirely to all inclusive luxury. If you want to be waited on hand and foot while you take in the scene in one of Jamaica's most tourist-friendly locations, make it this resort.
  3. Sandals Montego Bay. The Sandals Montego Bay resort is the third-best all inclusive resort in Jamaica for two reasons. First, it is a resort that is the very first Sandals; second, it is a resort that was designed by one of the US' best architects, Edward Durell Stone. This resort is also oh-so very pretty since it sits along one of the longest white and private sand beaches in all of the country.
  4. Rose Hall Resort. The Rose Hall Resort is the fourth-best all inclusive resort in Jamaica because it features a picturesque setting right between Caribbean water and the scenery of the Jamaican mountains. This resort also possesses more exclusive ocean-front setting than any other Jamaican resort in the entire surrounding area. If you are a history buff, you will appreciate that this current resort was once an 18th-century sugar plantation that is also rumored to be haunted. Boo!
  5. Half Moon Resort. Located in Rose Hall, the Half Moon Resort is said to be one of the most complete as well as popular resorts on the entire island of Jamaica. It features 197 rooms as well as 33 villas, both reasons why this takes the last spot on this list of the best all inclusive resorts in Jamaica. It is also a resort where attentive care is put on the issue of service to all guests, which is always a great perk to have.



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