5 Best Alternative Songs About Cheating

If you need some mood music, why not pick one of the 5 best alternative songs about cheating for your playlist? Sometimes, breaking the news to the girlfriend or the wife isn’t easy to do, so why not let someone else not only say it to her better than you could, but sing it at the same time? Pick just the right songs and she might even forgive you – hey, how could anyone be mad at you for playing The Cranberries? Songs about cheating have been written since the dawn of music itself, so this is by no means a new trend. But the 1980s and 1990s struck out with a plethora of infidelity songs with the conception of the alternative music scene, which continues to this very day.

There are loads of songs about cheating out there, but we’ll check out the ones we’ve dubbed the top five – the cream of the two-timing crop. 

  1. "Cheating on You" by Franz Ferdinand. Well, crap, this leaves no doubts in its wake, does it? In short, the man in this relationship admits he’s cheating and that he’s a prick, but that he also knows his partner is fooling around on him and still loves him. If you need music that gets right to the point, this is your song.
  2. "Sorry, But Your Friends Are Hot" by Zebrahead. Ever fallen for or screwed your girlfriend’s friend(s)? That’s what this song deals with – the archetypal story about how ‘it was just sex,’ but your girl is the only one for you. Good if you want to try and prove that you’re not the only one whose ever done this, but not the ideal way to redeem yourself.
  3. "Linger" by The Cranberries. A little bit of a twist with this amazing song: told from the woman’s perspective, she talks about how her man is cheating on her, but that she can’t help continuing to love him. The best songs about romantic treachery are written from the heart and from experience, so remember to take into account how she’ll feel as well as how you’ll feel in terms of disloyalty.
  4. "That’s What I Get" by Nine Inch Nails. Okay, let’s give the guys a break – after all, men certainly aren’t the only ones who cheat. In this title, NIN delivers an expressive story about how a man puts all his trust into a woman, just to find out he was little more to her than a toy for her enjoyment. Heartbreak songs are everywhere and no gender is guiltier than the other, but our list was starting to get a little biased.
  5. "Get It Faster" by Jimmy Eat World. This song has a couple different interpretations, both of which involve betrayal. One explanation is the man’s girlfriend is cheating on him and he knows it, so he’ll just do whatever he bloody well pleases. The other meaning is that his girlfriend isn’t putting out, so he’ll cheat to get her attention. Nifty little ditty, this one is.

Bonus: "Unfaithful" by Rihanna. We know, Rihannas’s not an alternative artist, but we had to make an exception for this title. Unfaithful is a good choice if you’ve been untrue and feel bad about it; Rihanna talks about how her partner knows she’s a cheater, and how that knowledge kills him a little on the inside. Basically, she explains that this drawn-out emotional pain hurts him worse than any physical pain could.

Of course, all songs can have multiple translations and these ones are no different. Nonetheless, at least a couple explanations behind the aforesaid songs involve emotional deceit…so take what you will from these titles. Also, some of the tunes for these might sound kind of crappy (won’t mention any names, ihanna-Ray ), so you may be better off just reading the lyrics.

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