5 Best Amanda Bynes Movies

Originally a television actress, this fresh-faced actress has made the successful leap to the big screen and here are the 5 best Amanda Bynes movies. Each romantic family comedy movie that she stars in has a subtle life lesson taught throughout the plot. Fun-loving and good natured comedies that do well at the box office, these movies are sure to put a smile on your face.

  1. "Hairspray". The best Amanda Bynes movie is the 2007 interpretation of the musical "Hairspray" where Bynes portrays Penny Pingleton, best friend to main character Tracy Turnblad. The movies was nominated for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy at the 2008 Golden Globes and went on to win a Critics' Choice award for Best Acting Ensemble. Earning $202 million worldwide, "Hairspray" is the best grossing movie Amanda Bynes has been in to date. The musical comedy also features John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Queen Latifah, Nikki Blonsky and Zac Efron.
  2. "Sydney White". Modern day portrayal of "Snow White" Amanda Bynes plays the title character Sydney White who is a recent high school graduate heading off to college. The 2007 movie plot follows tom boy Sydney pledging her deceased mother's college sorority until learning it is not the place for her. Leaving the sorority, Sydney moves in with seven male campus misfits, and each one has a characteristic of a seven dwarf from "Snow White". "Sydney White" is one of Amanda Bynes best movies because it is a clean, light-hearted romantic comedy with a message of being popular is not important, it only matters to surround yourself with good friends.
  3. "What a Girl Wants". The 2003 family comedy has Amanda Bynes portraying Daphne Reynolds, an American teenager that grew up with her single mother never knowing her father. Daphne sets off to England in search of her father, a prominent political figure played by Colin Firth. Throughout the movie Daphne struggles with maintaining her tomboy, good natured spirit while trying to fit into her fathers stuffy uptight world. The moral of "What a Girl Wants" is never compromise your personality to fit someone else's mold, which is a great lesson the movie taught making it one of the best Amanda Bynes movies.
  4. "She's the Man". Released in 2006, Amanda Bynes plays teenager Viola Hastings, a girl that learns her high school soccer team is being cut from the program and is not allowed to join the boys team. Not wanting to give up her passion for soccer, Viola seeks out an opportunity to play when her twin brother Sebastian portrayed by James Kirk asks Viola to lie about why he will not be at the first two weeks of boarding school. Viola instead goes to the boarding school disguised as her twin brother just so she can play soccer. "She's the Man" is a family comedy that centers around the moral to never give up your true passion in life which makes it another of Amanda Bynes best movies.
  5. "Big Fat Liar". Portraying the role of Kaylee, the best friend to Frankie Muniz's character Jason, a boy that tells one to many lies. The 2002 movie is based on Jason getting his school essay stolen by a movie producer Marty Wolf portrayed by Paul Giamatti who turns it into a movie. The movie follows Kaylee and Jason's adventure in attempting to get the essay back from Marty Wolf so Jason can pass and not have to take summer school. "Big Fat Liar" is one of the best Amanda Bynes movies because it was her first movie as a leading actress and it grossed $47 million at the box office.
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