5 Best ‘American Pie’ Actors

If you're trying to figure out who the 5 best "American Pie" actors are, then look no further than these five excellent choices. The "American Pie" films are the best teen comedies since the "Porky's" franchise of the 1980's. These films have a wide ensemble of interesting characters, all portrayed by well-picked actors. The "American Pie" series wouldn't be what it is today without the sensitivity and awkwardness of Jason Bigg's Jim or even without the Seann William Scott's sexually obnoxious Stifler.

  1. Seann William Scott. Running counterpart to Jason Biggs' character, Seann William Scott's Steve Stifler serves as much importance to the "American Pie" films as he does. Stifler is an overconfident and oversexed jock who, despite having a good nature, can be a bully at times. Sexually obnoxious, Stifler's humorously insensitive ways have served as a huge flagship to the "American Pie" movies.
  2. Jason Biggs. Starting off in a television acting background at a young age, Jason Biggs became a world-renown actor as Jim Levenstein in the "American Pie" films. Jim is the central character whose awkward and sexually naive ways often drive the three films. This is the one character whom we cheer for throughout all the movies as he goes from complete loser/geek to a mature husband.
  3. Eddie Kay Thomas. Beginning as a stage actor in New York City, Eddie Kay Thomas landed the role of Paul Finch in the "American Pie" movies, a espresso-obsessed student who always assumed the role of the voice of reason amongst the group of "American Pie" actors, offering wise advice and displaying his beliefs in the weirdest of things ranging from tantric sex to fear of the school bathrooms. Finch has proven to be an important object of humor throughout the series.
  4. Eugene Levy. This long-time Canadian actor/comedian plays the role of Noah Levenstein in the "American Pie" films. Noah is Jim's open yet nosy father who is always eager to offer sexual advice but at the most awkward of moments. Eugene Levy's Noah has played a key role in many of the franchise's comedic gags. 
  5. Alyson Hannigan. Fresh off of the hot "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" series, Alyson Hannigan played the role of Michelle Flaherty throughout the "American Pie" films, the role consisted of a cute band geek who is also a closet nymphomaniac. Jim's character ends up falling in love with her and marries her by the end of the franchise. All guys love a female character like this, they just simply rock.
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