5 Best Amy Smart Movies

Here are 5 of the best Amy Smart movies. Amy Smart is an actress best known for her light and breezy, girl next door attitude portrayed in most of the roles that she plays. In these movies, she does what she is known for best.

  1. "Peaceful Warrior" (2006)-She acts out the supporting character Joy in this inspirational movie about a male gymnast who learns how to push himself above and beyond his physical limitations.
  2. "Love N' Dancing" (2009)-She plays Jessica Donovan in this movie about an English teacher with a workaholic fiance who gets the chance to learn to swing dance and enter a competition with her dance teacher, a former champion who is still in love with his old dance partner.
  3. "The Butterfly Effect" (2004)-Amy Smart plays Kayleigh opposite Ashton Kutcher who plays the main role. This is a dark drama about the consequences of trying to change the past.
  4. "Just Friends" (2005)-In this comedy she plays Jamie Palamino and plays opposite Ryan Reynolds in this hysterical comedy about a high school dweeb who's in love with his best friend that's a girl. After being publicly humiliated while trying to proclaim his love to her he disappears and becomes very successful in music management. Unexpectedly he gets a chance to see her again and finds himself in the same situation in spite of his new and improved self. And tagging along with him is a spoiled, untalented, starlet sex symbol that is painfully obsessed with him.
  5. "Crank" (2006)-She plays Eve in this adrenaline laced action movie also starring Jason Statham. This movie was directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor known best for their innovative film making.



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