5 Best Analog Alarm Watches

What are the five best analog alarm watches? There are hundreds of digital, and ani-digi (analog and digital) watches with digital alarm functions. Watches with analog alarms are a much rarer breed. Luckily, for those who prefer an analog watch, and need an alarm, there are some good ones out there. There are excellent analog alarm watches which will fit almost any persons budget. This article will attempt to put together a list with something in it for almost any budget. Will they be the best? Well, best is such a subjective term, each person having their own likes and dislikes, it is hard to definitively say they will be the best, but they will be darn good ones.

  1. Timex Easy Set Vibrating Alarm. This watch is unique in its setting method by setting with a turn of the bezel. It is also a vibrating alarm which is handy for those times when you need an alarm and do not want everyone to know when it goes off. The price tag is less than $100. There are various other models in the Easy Set line with audible alarms and different face colors, and band options.
  2. Seiko SNAD05 Flight Computer. Seiko has made a reputation as a top value middle of the road watch. With a price tag of around $300 the Flight Computer is packed with features found in watches many times the price. The Seiko Flight Computer will be a faithful companion for years to come,with a price that allows you to wear and use the watch, without worrying every second about damaging it.
  3. Tag-Heuer Formula 1. Tag-Heuer is well known for their fine watches. They have been on the wrists of those who demand the most out of everything, including their watch since 1860. Their track record of innovation and quality is legendary, and the Formula 1 is deserving of that reputation. With a price of around $700 it is affordable luxury.
  4. Hamilton Khaki Navy Regatta Alarm. Hamilton has been building fine American watches for over 100 years. They have provided watches for military services and adventurers alike. Their reputation for dependability, good looks, and innovative design is a hallmark of their company. The Khaki Navy line is one of those classics with something for everyone in it, and the Regatta has the analog alarm for the man who needs an alarm. Affordable elegance and dependability at around $700.
  5. Jaeger-LeCoulter Mastergrand Reveil.  This is an excellent,watch for the upscale user who wishes the very best in a watch yet needs an alarm. They have been making fine Swiss watches for over 100 years and are well known for quality and reliability. You cannot go wrong with a Jaeger-LeCoulter on your wrist. With a price tag around $40,000 it is not for everyone, but then again, you will not see it on everyone's wrist either

 Any one of these analog alarm watches will give you years of fine service, and some will be the centerpiece of a watch collection, or the "one" watch for the one watch man.

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