5 Best Analog Stop Watches

Whether you are training for a marathon or just want to test your speed, you need to be aware of the 5 best analog stopwatches. Price should be the last thing on your mind, and you need to instead look at quality, materials and whether the stopwatch will last.

  1. CEI Mechanical Stopwatch. This is the best analog stopwatch due to it being a classic. Features of the CEI mechanical stopwatch include thirteen jewels, fifteen minute shorthand and a rugged steel case. No batteries are needed with this stopwatch, it simply needs winding.
  2. Ultrak 1000 Mechanical Analog Stopwatch. This impressive analog stopwatch is an offering from Ultrak. It has a reset push button, rugged steel case and a long hand with 30 seconds per turn. The back of the stopwatch is smooth for engraving.
  3. Coach 30 Second Stopwatch. Another one of the best analog stopwatches around comes from a brand you know and trust. Coach allows you to choose your dial color, and you can opt to add diamonds, too. You can also have it imprinted to personalize it.
  4. Seiko 8A20 Analog Stopwatch. Seiko makes some of the best analog stopwatches on the market, and the 8A20 will not disappoint you. Features include electronic quartz movement with an analog dial and time out capabilities, and it will let you know when the batteries are running low.
  5. Dunhaven Stopwatch Mechanical Swiss. This antique is one of the best analog stopwatches out there. This vintage Dunhaven stopwatch comes with a white dial and a subdial with the small hand on the twelve.
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