5 Best Andy Samberg Skits

When it comes down to it, Andy Samberg hasn’t created that many recurring characters on “Saturday Night Live”, so it’s not easy making a list of the 5 best Andy Samberg skits. But when you take a look at his work, he has focused his talents on a handful of bits that are consistently funny and that is what has made him one of the stand-out stars of “SNL” in recent years.

  1. "Lazy Sunday" It would be easy to make a list of the five best Andy Samberg skits that was made up of only Digital Shorts. But “Lazy Sunday,” in which he and Chris Parnell rap about “The Chronic-what-cles of Narnia,” tops the roster because it put the pre-recorded sketches on the map. Samberg followed up “Sunday” with the Creative Arts Emmy Award winning, Justin Timberlake co-starring “D*#k in a Box” and added the crowning glory “Mother Lovers” last year, also starring J.T.
  2. "Mark Wahlberg talks to animals” Also known as “Barky Bark and the Donkey Bunch,” this entry on the list of the five best Andy Samberg skits is actually pretty pointless. Andy Samberg as Mark Wahlberg talk to a dog, a donkey, a chicken, and a goat. But Samberg’s spot-on impersonation of the “Perfect Storm” star and the catch phrase “Say hello to your mother for me,” make it an “SNL” classic. The only person who might not agree is Mark Wahlberg, who told Jimmy Kimmel he wanted to punch Samberg in the nose after seeing the skit. The movie star ultimately managed to find his sense of humor and appeared on “SNL,” facing-off against Andy and greeting a donkey of his own with, “Say hi to your mother for me.” 
  3. “Deep House Dish”Kenan Thompson might be the star of this sketch on the list of five best Andy Samberg skits, but Samberg’s T-Shane always steals the show. The spiky haired sidekick’s bad jokes and incessant ramblings make the skits worth watching.
  4. “The Kuato” This is the creepiest of the five best Andy Samberg skits. In it he plays the “Total Recall” creature Kuato, “a little alien man” who lives inside Bill Hader’s stomach. In the best example of this sketch, Samberg plays the over the top character with a bald cap and tiny ear-bearing hands paired with the female Kuato that lives inside Maya Rudolph, played by guest host Scarlett Johansson.
  5. "The Blizzard Man" In one episode of this recurring sketch, Ludacris replaces T-Pain with rapper the Blizzard Man, making the list of five best Andy Samberg skits. Blizzy B says “What-y do?” and looks like “Vanilla Ice’s stunt double” until his rap goes a little “Al Jolson” as Kenan Thompson says, and he enters “Men at Work territory.”
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