5 Best Angelina Jolie Nude Scenes

The 5 best Angelina Jolie nude scenes come from a handful of great movies. Angelina Jolie is still hot as hell, and she is still one of the sexiest actresses around. There is something about Angelina Jolie that sets her apart from the rest of the pack. Perhaps it is her lips, or those long curves or even those hot legs. Whatever it is, Angelina Jolie has most men wrapped around her pinky. These best nude scenes of Angelina Jolie are generally just topless—sorry guys. Still, these scenes are steamy and ultra sexy, just like Angelina Jolie herself. Check out the list and hit the internet or video store and grab a little nude Angelina Jolie. These scenes of this incredible actress nude are sure to get your blood flowing to all the right places.

  1. "Gia" (1998). This scene features a topless Angelina toying with her female pal. She is ultra sexy in this award-winning performance. Gia is a wild tempered supermodel who does not shy away from her bisexual desires. The scene with her costar, Mercedes Ruehl, opens a can of sexuality that is one of the hottest in Hollywood.
  2. "Foxfire" (1996). This film shows a tender, firm and plump Angelina topless and sexy. This move has a wonderful candlelit scene of a topless Angelina and her lovely breasts. The scene involves a woman exploring and fondling Angelina while she is being watched by a man. It's very sensual, and in the scene Angelina is all too entranced by it all.
  3. "Original Sin" (2001). "Original Sin" offers Angelina in bed with Antonio Banderas, steaming up all of Cuba. The bed scene has Banderas pushing Angelina up against the headboard with plenty of body to view. The sex is steamy, as you would expect from Angelina. This may be one of the best sex scenes of its kind for either actor.
  4. "Pushing Tin" (1999). This film has a scene of a young, firm and very sexy Angelina lying in bed as she speaks with costar John Cusak. Her legs are phenomenal and her expression is pure sex. This young starlet provided plenty to keep her male audience dreaming about. This was a very innocent boy-over-the-top sexual scene that placed Angelina firmly on the sex meter.
  5. "Mojave Moon" (1996). This movie put Angelina on the map with two topless scenes of the virgin starlet. The first was a shower scene: imagine a steamy mirror with the reflection of a wet and topless Angelina. The second was a topless Angelina making a seductive stroll to the couch where she would please Alfred Molina.
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