5 Best Angelina Jolie Sex Movies

If you are a fan of Angelina Jolie, you’ll want to make sure to rent the 5 best Angelina Jolie Sex Movies. The siren sizzles in every film that she stars in, but these movies in particular show Jolie as the raw, inhibited, and totally sexy actress that men (and women) love her for. Many of the films are far from Academy-award material, but no one is going to hold that against her.

  1. "Gia" One of Jolie’s first films, this is actually a made for TV movie, but don’t be fooled, it’s plenty racy. Jolie plays the famed model Gia Carangi, who happens to have a serious penchant for nudity. Plus, she engages in girl-on-girl action with Elizabeth Mitchell, otherwise known as Juliet from the TV show "Lost." Their sex scene goes on for several minutes, making this one of Angelina Jolie’s best sex movies. You’ll also get to see Jolie in her early 20's, back when she was known as a sex-driven wild child rather than a U.N. ambassador mother. 
  2. "Original Sin" This erotic thriller features Jolie as every man’s fantasy, a mail order bride. Her husband Antonio Banderas soon learns, however, that she holds more sinister motives. Before the love turns sour between the two, however, they get in a lot of sex. The graphic love scenes between them overshadow the plot, which is a very good thing since the film ended up being pretty mediocre. The scenes of lust definitely make this one of Jolie’s best sex movies.
  3. "Taking Lives" This film might not seem like much of a sex movie, since it’s about a serial killer and stars Jolie as an agent trying to solve the puzzling murders. But there is a long sex scene between Jolie and Ethan Hawke. Make sure to watch the director’s cut to see extended footage of a nude Jolie engaging in rough sex against a table and later a bed.
  4. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" There are no overtly graphic sex scenes in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but the first half of the movie is practically one long stretch of foreplay, in which you can see the sexual energy bouncing off Jolie and her now partner, Brad Pitt. They later engage in a long, brutal fight that culminates in some great, rough make up sex.
  5. "Beowulf" It’s not technically even her real body in this film, but Jolie doesn’t disappoint. She stars as Grendel’s mother, a serpentine-like seductress. If you’ve read the epic, you’ll know that the fictional mother didn’t quite hold the sex appeal of Jolie, but we’ll forgive the writers for that one. The famous scene of her emerging naked from a dark pool makes this one of Jolie’s best sex movies.
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