5 Best Animated Dinosaur Movies

The 5 best animated dinosaur movies are all epic films that made dinosaurs interesting and fun for children and adults. The films are wonderful family movies that can be enjoyed by all. This is a list of superior art, facts and script combined to make five amazing films.

  1. "The Land Before Time I": Who can forget the film that started a series that would keep kids wanting more? This film is a wonderful movie telling the story of young dinosaur friends who embark on adventures thousands of years ago. The characters learn kindness and togetherness as they collaborate on their journey.
  2. "Toy Story": This movie is epic fun for children, which many remember for the kind dinosaur, Rex. He is a Tyrannosaurus Rex who is ironically shy as he interacts with the other toys. This character makes the film one of the five best animated dinosaur movies.
  3. "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story": This film is about dinosaurs who become intelligent and travel through time to the modern 21st century. The dinosaurs face adventures and challenges in a time period where dinosaurs are now extinct. The film is addicting for children and a thrilling film to enjoy.
  4. "Dinosaur": This animation features highly detailed artwork making the dinosaurs look almost life-like. The quality of animation alone is a reason to put this at the top of the list. The film expresses the story of an orphaned dinosaur seeking sanctuary after a meteorite shower destroyed his family's home.
  5. "The Land Before Time XIII": This is one of the "Land Before Time" films where children enjoy Littlefoot once again. Littlefoot helps other dinosaurs learn to behave wisely as he himself realizes he has much to learn. This film is a timeless classic, making it one of the five best animated dinosaur movies.
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