5 Best Anime Ringtones

If you love Japanese culture, then you definitely need the 5 best anime ringtones. Show everyone around you your love of foreign animation with these awesome anime ringtones. Taken from the most popular anime series, the following are just some of the best anime ringtones out there. Even if you don't see your favorite show on this list, you can at least appreciate the following anime ringtones.

  1. "Tank" from "Cowboy Bebop." A raucous jazz orchestra blares every time you get a phone call—you know you have one of the best anime ringtones ever! Equal parts random and catchy, you'll be singing the main melody even when you're not receiving calls. Instantly recognizable to anyone who's remotely connected to anime, you'll get positive remarks even from those who say they don't like anime but secretly do.
  2. "Scrambled" from "School Rumble." With a catchy chorus and a sweet female vocal lead, you know this is one of the best anime ringtones ever. This song is evocative of the show's romantic comedy tones, with a light beat and hook that is sure to have you humming all day. Even if you don't like Japanese school love comedies, you can appreciate this song as one of the best anime ringtones ever.
  3. "Ready Steady Go" from "Full Metal Alchemist." One of the shows many theme songs, this definitely wins out of the bunch as one of the best anime ringtones ever. A fast-paced J-rock symphony with a low male vocal part and great guitar riffs is sure to have everyone around you banging their heads and throwing up the horns, even if they've never heard of the band or the show. If you want to start the party every time you get a call, this is one ringtone just for that occasion.
  4. "Inner Universe" from "Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex." If you're a fan of this great cyberpunk anime, then you know the theme is one of the best anime ringtones ever. A fast-paced beat combines with a haunting female vocal part to produce one of the most enigmatic songs to be associated with an anime series. If you like things a little more esoteric, then this is the anime ringtone for you.
  5. "Battlecry" from "Samurai Champloo." When you have an anime that combines the best parts of feudal Japan and old-school hip-hop, you've got the makings for one of the best anime ringtones ever. The show's theme, "Battlecry" has fast-paced lyrics spat into a microphone with one of the best beats we've ever seen. If you're any sort of fan of hip-hop, samurai, or anime in general, then this is one of hose anime ringtones that you need to have.
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