5 Best Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

Here are the 5 best anti-fog swim goggles. When shopping for the best anti-fog swim goggles, there are three elements to consider, the fit, the quality, and the cost. Athletes wear swim goggles to prevent injuries to their eyes when playing underwater sports and to prevent eye irritations. The complied list of anti-fog goggles below offers a variety of styles that are available.

  1. TYR Velocity. The TYR Velocity goggles provide anti-glare lenses with ultraviolet and anti-fog protection. With the advanced dual silicone head strap on these TYR Velocity goggles, it definitely contributes to a comfortable leak proof fit and is one of the best anti-fog swim goggles.  
  2. View Visio. These View Visio goggles have a mirror-coated lens with a super anti-fog treatment and a 100% ultraviolet protection. These anti-fog swim goggles feature a compact size and a nose strap that is very form fitting for narrow noses.
  3. Zura Attack. The Zura Attack goggles feature an increased field of vision. A low profile rubber gasket design attributes to a good fit. The Zura Attack goggles are one of the best swim goggles because of the anti-fog and ultraviolet protection.
  4. Nike Remora III. The Nike Remora III features a lightweight design with a secure fit. These anti-fog, ultraviolet protective goggles are equipped with an interchangeable nosepiece and an adjustable double strap to assure a custom fit are one of the best anti-fog swim goggles.
  5. Speed Hydrospex Jr. Mirrored. These goggles feature a one-piece flexible poly frame with a patented seal that provides watertight comfort. With a silver mirror finish, these anti-fog goggles are specially designed to adequately fit youths and adults that require a narrower fit. The Speed Hydrospex Jr. goggles are hypo-allergenic with ultraviolet protection qualifying them as one of the best anti-fog swim goggles.
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