5 Best Antihistamines For Sleep

Curious about the 5 best antihistamines for sleep currently available? If you're tired of suffering from allergies, colds and insomnia, then take a look at what these antihistamine sleep aids can do for you.

  1. Benadryl. Perhaps one of the better-known antihistamines, this product helps you sleep by taming allergies and associated symptoms. The main ingredient in it is diphenhydramine hydrochloride, which causes drowsiness. It is available in adult, kid and anti-itch formulas.
  2. Nyquil. This is another good antihistamine. It relieves symptoms of the common cold, the flu and allergies. Nyquil is available in adult, kid and vapor formulas.
  3. Tylenol PM. A runner up to Benadryl in the popularity department, Tylenol PM also relieves allergies and colds while giving a good night's sleep. Tylenol PM is available in rapid release pills (which speed up the drowsiness), vanilla liquid, gel tabs and caplets.
  4. Sominex. This product is both safe and effective and assures you restful nights. Sominex products don't contain any caffeine, ibuprofen or aspirin. There are no formulas available for children under the age of 12.
  5. Bayer PM. Formulated to provide the strongest dose of aspirin and a gentle sleep aid, this pill will provide sound sleep and a temporary cure for your aliments. The product is caffeine and sodium free. However, be careful with drinking alcohol while on this medication, as it might damage the liver.

Antihistamine sleep aids are effective for an occasional night's sleep, but the more you take antihistamines, the less effective they become. Thus, proceed with caution.



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