5 Best Antihistamines

Finding the 5 best antihistamine on the market can be confusing. Some are for running noses, hay fever other are for skin allergies like hives or welts and some antihistamines are for everything from running noses to skin allergies. To complicate things even more, you have to choose between drowsy or non drowsy. are the right choice for you. Many antihistamines on the market today relieve multiple symptoms like hay fever and headaches. These antihistamines contain aspirin. When choosing an antihistamine it is best to choose one specifically for your symptoms. Knowing what active ingredients to look for will help you decide which of these antihistamines are right for you.

  1. Cetrizine 10 Mg. Can be purchased over OTC (over the counter)  Used to relieve allergies that cause itchy or watery eyes and sneezing. It is used mostly for skin allergies that cause itching skin or hives. Citrizine is known to cause drowsiness and dry mouth. Long lasting antihistamine dose is once daily
  2. Loratadine 10 Mg. Non drowsy over the counter antihistamine used for seasonal allergies. This antihistamine is on the list as one of the best antihistamines because of its’ long acting benefits. The dose is once per day.
  3. Brompheniramine 10 mg.  Can be used for seasonal allergy symptoms from mold or pollen as well as cold symptoms like running nose and sneezing.. This type of antihistamine is good to have handy in the medicine cabinet because its’ multiple uses.
  4. Diphenhydramine. This very popular over the counter antihistamine generally used for allergies but is also used for colds. Warning, Diphenhydramine is fast acting and causes severe drowsiness. It is known to be used in over the counter sleep aids. Dosage is every six hours. 
  5. Doxylamine  This active ingredient is considered to be one of the most powerful out of five best antihistamines on the market and should be used carefully. Used to relieve symptoms of viral infections(cold). Doxylamine is also used as a sleep aid and has been compared to prescription barbiturates. Dosage is once every twelve hours. Follow instructions carefully may cause dizziness

 Most antihistamine will make you drowsy, however some over the counter antihistamine which are labeled "Non Drowsy" add pseudoephedrine which will keep you alert.  Make sure you do not take a non drowsy antihistamine before bed- you'll be staring at the ceiling for hours!

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