5 Best Antique Billiard Tables

Take a look at this ranking of the 5 best antique billiard tables to know more about the origin of modern billiard tables. Some of the tables mentioned here are of the nineteenth century, but their value is often more than a modern table because they’re classic and very rare models that are difficult to find these days. This article will definitely help you learn more about the materials and designs used in billiard tables. Enjoy!

  1. Arcade. The name refers to the form of the legs and the design, which gives you a sensation of an overture in the wood. In regards to the  architecture, you can see the influence of Greek culture. With six legs, this antique table is a very heavy one in comparison to the standard, and has the best slate bed quality. It’s not only the best surface to play on, but it’s also really elegant and stands as a decorative piece of furniture.
  2. The Royal Art. The name of this antique oak table makes sense when you see it. It has many stained glass details on both sides of its six legs, very similar to the ones in some church windows. It’s really big and is considered a really good table because of the resistant wood and the beautiful design. It’s really considered a piece of art.
  3. The Anniversary. If the 50’s are your decade, you’ll definitely love this antique billiard table that has become a classic. It has the perfect design for casinos and tournaments and was a total revelation at its time because it’s architecture mixed traditional walnut with modern aluminum in the corners and under the legs. In addition to being decorative, this style also helps to protect the wood. The bases are two big legs in the form of a pedestal, which supports the full weight of the table.
  4. Brilliant Novelty. This antique billiard table is part of the selected catalogue of “House of Brunswick” billiard tables. It is luxuriously made of seasoned mahogany, which is a long durable wood. It makes the table seem very light, but at the same time contributes to its elegant design dated from the beginnings of the twentieth century.
  5. Goodman Leavitt Yatter. This beautiful table has legs in shape of an inverted pyramid. It’s the perfect size for an average house and has a vintage touch for an elegant photo shoot. This antique table is made of a resistant oak and although this model was made in 1895, it still resembles contemporary design because of its simplicity.
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