5 Best Apartment Living Room Colors For Men

These 5 best apartment living room colors for men can upgrade your bachelor pad, being that men may not always be considered as creative at interior decoration as the female eye for detail. Living room colors set the desired mood in the room that you tend to spend the most time entertaining company in. Choosing the right color to bring your apartment's living room to life is as simple as understanding how color effects our senses, the themes that individual colors represent, and the overall look that you are trying to convey. 

  1. Blue. Other than black, blue tends to be the only other color people associate with masculinity – but don't run straight for the navy blue as militant proof of manhood . A more relaxed greenish, aqua blue, or a blue with hints of gray mixed with it can create a cool, soothing atmosphere for your living room. 
  2. Yellow. This color symbolizes joy and sunshine, and is a very inviting color to make your living room immediately a comfortable location. A nice light yellow can blend well with reds, whites, blues or grays – and possibly cheer you up when your spirit needs a lift. 
  3. Orange. At first glance orange may appear to be a bold choice, but a bright pumpkin orange, or a calmer burnt, autumn orange can give your living room a brilliant glow. You can still mix and match orange with other earth-tones like brown, forest green or beige, and still maintain a cheerful, overall glow. Remember, you want people to feel comfortable when they enter, not get a sense of doom and gloom – and orange can help make this happen. 
  4. Brown. When picking the right shade of brown for your living room, think about hues that will be lively, yet blend well with other colors. Chocolate brown works really well, as does a sandy, light beige color. When going with brown as a main color for your living room, the colors for accessories that tend to blend well with browns are blue, black, and yellow. 
  5. Red. If you are a guy that is a true romantic, or are looking to appeal to women the moment they enter your living – go with red. Don't let the stereotype of red being a "feminine color" push you away from making a dramatic, powerful choice like red to add some warmth and passion to your living room. Plus remember, red has several various shades that span from dark pink to almost burgundy, and red blends well with black, yellow, and white. 
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