5 Best Apple iPhone Ringtones

The 5 best Apple iPhone ringtones are those sounds that you don't mind hearing every single time that your phone starts ringing. They are ringtones that you are extremely comfortable with, and they may even be based on music that you like listening to. The most important thing with a ringtone is if it pleases you, not so much if anyone around you can't stand it.

  1. Christmas Ringtone. The best Apple iPhone ringtone is one that is specific to the time of year that is being celebrated. During this Yuletide season, there is nothing more appropriate or timely than a ringtone that plays the semi-annoying "Jingle Bells" tune over, and over, and over again! Just imagine the grateful looks from total strangers that you'll get when your Apple iPhone goes off…and it's "Jingle Bells" playing…like they don't know it's the holidays!
  2. "Kenny G's Joy to the World." Another perennial favorite for this time of the year, Kenny G gives his magical and gifted, flute-y interpretation of what makes the Christmas season so special. Even if you're not a big Christmas guy and refuse to do acts that go along with the season–like charity, or goodwill to your fellow man, or even just donating to the Salvation Army Santa Claus–downloading this Kenny G ringtone to your iPhone will make up for all that. Guaranteed! So if you've always like Kenny G's frizzy hair, then this is a way you can express that, too.
  3. "Fall for You." "Fall for You" is a ringtone available for your Apple iPhone that comes from the acoustic rock band by the name of Secondhand Serenade. It is a band made up of, essentially, one lone fellow who enjoys getting off on songs that are very emotional and feminine, mainly because they focus on relationships…a lot. So if you want to hear a sappy ringtone that plays to your sentimentality, download it.
  4. "G**damn Bitch." This ringtone is actually one based on the beautiful and moving, old Jet song called "Cold Hard Bitch." If you like a little bit of a rock flavor to your little Apple iPhone gadget, then this ringtone is the one for you, especially if you want to get away from holiday influences. Think of it like this: You're having a bad day, and then someone calls you. Then, ta-da! Your day brightens when "Cold Hard Bitch" begins playing as your ringtone.
  5. "Heartbeat." This is the final best Apple iPhone ringtone because it is based on the song "Heartbeat" by Enrique Iglesias, which also features that maven of otherwordly singing prowess, the Pussycat Dolls' Nicole Scherzinger. If you want a more upbeat, kind of pop-like tune on your phone, then this is most definitely the kind of ringtone for you.
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