5 Best Arch Support Orthotics

The 5 best arch support orthotics are some of the top brands on the market, and they have gotten rave reviews from wearers. These orthotics are designed for people of all ages, and are placed in shoes for people who suffer from fallen or low arches. They are worn for the many benefits that come with wearing arch supports, and they work to correct foot alignments. Arch support orthotics help to eliminate heel, ankle and lower back pain, and they are very versatile. They can be moved from one pair of shoes to another, so buying several pairs is not necessary.

  1. ArchCrafters Custom Fit Men’s Full-Length Insoles. These insoles are for normal to high arch foot types, and they are custom crafted to relieve heel and foot pain. They come with a casting box that creates an impression of your feet. Simply place your foot impressions in the box and return it to ArchCrafters in the postage paid box. It takes approximately three to four weeks to receive your custom-made insoles.
  2. SOLE SofTec Ultra Men’s Custom Heat Moldable Full-Length FootBeds. These arch support orthotics have a moldable orthopedic base that fits the shape of your foot. They are easily fitted by heating them in the oven and shaping them to your feet. They come with full instructions, and they provide a thick footbed. They also have a deep heel cup and provide much needed shock absorption and cushioning.
  3. Birkenstock BirkoBalance Men’s Arch Supports. These supports offer three-quarter length insoles that are lined with cork and leather. They help to align the feet properly and take pressure off the balls of the feet. These arch supports also improve balance while reducing heel pain and foot fatigue. They are made in Germany and provide a sturdy and comfortable fit.
  4. Sorbothane Men’s RigidArch Insoles. These arch support insoles can be worn in any shoe type and they provide significant motion control. They are made from Sorbothane, which is one of the most shock-absorbent materials on the market. They actually absorb 94 percent of the shock upon impact, and their polyester fabric keeps them moisture free. These insoles provide ultimate support and motion control that helps to correct your stride.
  5. Spenco RX Arch Cushion Men’s Insoles. These insoles are made for people with flat feet, and they provide a built-in arch cushion that helps with stability and proper foot position. These insoles flex with your feet and provide arch support. These arch support orthotics are perfect for people who can’t tolerate firmer insoles. They are made of neoprene rubber, polyurethane foam and have a nylon sock liner for added comfort.

If you are having any type of knee, hip, back or joint pain, one of these arch support orthotics may be just the answer. Many people suffer with foot pain and don’t realize that arch support could be the problem. These arch insoles work to reduce pain and correct a person's stride. They have helped many people return to a normal lifestyle, such as enjoying outdoor activities or being able to stand for long periods of time.

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