5 Best Armani Wrist Watches

It is hard to nail down the five best Armani wrist watches, because there are just so many. Giorgio Armani S.P.A. is known for its excellence in fashion and style. Armani wrist watches, in particular, have a timeless value crafted into every one: designed elegance meets technological superiority. While the Armani wrist watches are advanced yet sleek, Giorgio Armani S.P.A. makes its fortune from clothing articles such as belts, suits, shirts, and glasses. Yet, the best Armani wrist watches are enough to make the modern man's wallet fly into the sky from weightlessness.

  1. The Meccanico AR4641. Coming in first with a modest price of $395.00 is the Meccanico: a watch powered by your own movement. The 44 mm AR4641 is a beautiful amber jewel surrounded by an embossed leather strap; the textured, see-through dial is only a hint at this timepiece's elegance. Complex, yet classical on the outside: a true beauty to wear and accompany your best suit.
  2. The Ceramic AR1404. The AR1404 gleams a pure white with bold roman numeral hour markings; truly one of the more timeless of Emporio Armani wrist watches. This Ceramic is pricier than most others, coming in at $545.00 with a two year international guarantee. Still, this 38 mm classically bright elegant timepiece is an honor to behold anyone; even if they are broke from buying Armani wrist watches like the Ceramic AR1404.
  3. The Classic AR2014. Sophisticated, and boasting only a slim 36 mm case, the Classic AR2014 represents the modern man with a taste for tradition. Although the best Armani wrist watches present their own unique style, half of the AR2014 is a look back into classic elegance. A silver-tone dial with a stainless steel casing wrapped up in a stainless steel mesh bracelet complete the look with ease. This Classic is also the second least expensive timepiece featured on the best Armani wrist watches list, coming in at an inexpensive $275.00.
  4. The Sport AR5886. Sport pieces are notably less pricey than their luxurious counterparts, although Emporio Armani wrist watches in general tend to be more upscale. The AR5886, as a perfect example, is only $245.00, coming packed with a fun 47.5 mm stainless steel case and black rubber strap. Notably more informal than most Armani wrist watches, this is what makes the Sport AR5886 one of the best Armani pieces.
  5. The Classic AR0937. Not to be confused with the AR2014, this Classic is notably different and gorgeous in its own way. Moderately priced (compared to other Armani wrist watches) at $375.00, this stainless steel casing is wrapped by a 3-link bracelet that gleams class. Roman numeral markers indicate a reverence for elegance and tradition while the silver hands show style and grace.

The Armani wrist watches are a thing to behold, both gorgeous and gleaming with unique attributes in their own way. Whether you go with the Sport's informal yet beautiful boldness or the Classic's traditional elegance, an Emporio Armani timepiece is an excellent accompaniment to any well-dressed man/woman.

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