5 Best Ashley Judd Movies

What are the 5 best Ashley Judd movies?  Coming from a talented family like hers, you really couldn’t expect anything less than a talented actress. We have watched Judd mature over the years through this list of 5 best Ashley Judd movies. She tackles each role with persistence and makes each character her own.

  1. "Heat". Although in this movie she was not a main character, her role was still flawless which is why it is on this list of 5 best Ashley Judd movies. She played Charlie, the wife of a thief who was ready for a divorce until convinced otherwise. She was tired of standing by her man, through it all getting nothing in return.
  2. "Kiss the Girls". Ashley Judd plays an intern that escaped after being kidnapped from her home. She helps a forensic psychologist whose niece has been kidnapped by the same person. They travel cross country to track a west coast counterpart of the kidnapper. Only he is killing his victims, not collecting them.
  3. "Double Jeopardy". In this best Ashley Judd movie she plays Libby, a woman who is convicted of killing her husband. After being paroled she sets out to find her child and find her husband, whom she knows is still alive.
  4. "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood". Judd plays the younger version of main character Vivi. In flashbacks, we see the younger Vivi dealing with her difficult mother and losing the love of her life. With the help of her mother friends, Vivi’s daughter, played by Sandra Bullock, begins to understand her mother better and is able to accept things she didn’t understand before.
  5. "High Crimes". Attorney Claire Kubik learns her husband isn’t who he seems when he is kidnapped while they are Christmas shopping. She learns that he was once in the military and accused of a mass murder. Convinced that her husband had nothing to do with the crimes she hires a former military attorney for help.


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