5 Best Asian Beers

Whether imbibing a cool beverage to gain respite from a hot Asian climate or trying something new with your pals at the neighborhood bar, these 5 best Asian beers offer up a geographic twist on a common local commodity. These Asian beers are ones that deliver flavor and uniqueness while avoiding foul aromas and that bitter taste that is the sign of badly brewed beer.

  1. Sapporo. Japan's premier beverage, Sapporo blends an old tradition and careful selection of hops to produce a fantastically smooth beer. Its light taste and popularity world-wide is a testament to the careful discernment of Sapporo, making it one of the five best Asian beers of the world.
  2. Chang. Chang makes the list of five best Asian beers for simple reasons. It's good, it's cheap, and it gets you tipsy fast.  As one of the lowest priced beers in Asia, Chang can make the list on affordability alone, but coupled with its excellent and refreshing taste, it's no wonder why this beer is one of the most popular beverages in Thailand. Chang contains a 6.4% alcohol content, which creeps up on you and delivers a potent punch at the end of a night of revelry.
  3. 333. Vietnam is famous for its many local microbreweries, and 333 contains that same local attention to detail in a nation brand name.  With a unique taste, and great bang for the buck, 333 is one of Vietnam's most popular brands, and fast becoming popular internationally.
  4. San Miguel Dark. The only dark beer on the list, San Miguel Dark is a popular favorite for expats all throughout Asia who miss their lagers. Boasting a smooth, yet deep, filling taste, San Miguel has managed to make popular a type of beer that usually does not make an appearance in Asia.  San Miguel definitely scores points for breaking out of the mold. However, with its malty and sweet taste and thick consistency, San Miguel Dark makes it on the list of best Asian beers by being a great lager for Asia.
  5. Asahi. Japan again makes it on the list of top five Asian beers with Asahi. Asahi claims to be the first dry beer, and, while avoiding the excess bitterness of poor competitors, manages to produce an incredibly crisp taste.  Known for being refreshing and cooling on the palate, Asahi is fast becoming one of the most popular brands of beer in the world and rounds out our list of the five best Asian beers.
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