5 Best Asian Brothels

Planning a tour of the 5 best Asian brothels? You’ve come to the right place. Our selection span all of the Asian continent and beyond. Get lubed up and get ready to go!

  1. Orchard Towers in Singapore. Orchard Towers is actually a four-floor nightlife structure with several clubs where you can meet and have sex with beautiful women for a fee. Featuring girls from all over Asia and beyond, Orchard Towers gets our vote for the best Asian brothel in the world. Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Rd., SG 238875
  2. Today Country in Jakarta. It might look like a bad country-western bar at the outset, but Today Country is actually one of the best Asian brothels you’re likely to find when in Indonesia. Today Country, Lokasari Plaza, Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. Nana in Bangkok. Similar to Orchard Towers in Singapore, Nana is a four floor complex where you can approach the women directly and arrange for sexual favors. Nana is undoubtedly the best Asian brothel you are likely to find in Thailand. Nana, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
  4. Daulatdia in Bangladesh. The largest and certainly one of the best Asian brothels. It is the size of a small village. Here, you can choose from among 1,600 girls who together service up to 3,000 men on a daily basis. Daulatdia, Bangladesh
  5. Crazy Horse in Singapore. Crazy Horse rounds out our list of the best Asian brothels. It is a pole dancing joint where you can select which of the delicious babes you want for a private one-on-one session. Crazy Horse, 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865
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