5 Best Asian Erotic Movies

The 5 best erotic Asian movies mix all of the best ingredients of eastern cinema, from metaphysical contemplation to sexual aberrance to nail biting tension, with graphic sex. In our carefully considered list you’ll find films from Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, and Thailand, giving you a full spectrum of Asian body types and imaginative modes to admire.

  1. “The Wayward Cloud” – Despite its enigmatic title, “The Wayward Cloud” is one of the funniest erotic films you’ll see, and the kicker is, it’s funny on purpose. This ridiculous farce involves a friendship/romance between an adult film actor and common citizens told through tongue-in-cheek dialogue and absurd musical numbers. The film throws out a curveball plot twist that only makes it better: a water shortage has taken Taiwan by storm, causing the price of watermelon to skyrocket. Bizarre, hysterical, and defiantly unique, the "Wayward Cloud" is one of the best erotic Asian films.
  2. “Tokyo Decadence” – “Tokyo Decadence” is an erotic Japanese film that displays a brazen sense of proto-existential depravity and sexual philosophizing clearly indebted to Marquis de Sade. The film’s intellectual inclinations and ambitious art house direction make it a clear standout straddling the line between softcore porn and racy provocation, which ultimately isn’t at all surprising, given that is was directed by Ryu Murakami, a man well known in Japan for the sexual depravity and bizarre violence of his novels. One of the best erotic Asian films, “Tokyo Decadence” is formally unique, sexually disturbing, and genuinely arousing.  
  3. “Shanghai Baby” – “Shanghai Baby” is an erotic Chinese film based on the novel of the same name by Wei Hui. The film follows the sexual exploits of a self-obsessed young woman who finds herself in love with an impotent, drug addicted artist, and in lust with a torpedo-cocked German business man. Though Bai Ling is far too old for the part, the site of her dancing nude in the moonlight, or getting the inside sausage massage from her German lover, is enough to make us forgive this oversight. One of the five best erotic Asian films, “Shanghai Baby” is the rare piece of trash cinema to examine sexuality from a female perspective.
  4. “Oh! Sex Master” – Some things in life seem too good to be true: the Kardashian sex tape, Sahara Knite’s obsession with anal sex, the Yankees not making the playoffs (once in a blue moon, that one), and the fact that there’s a movie in the world called “Oh! Sex Master.” In tandem with the existence of one of the top five erotic Asian movies, we must mention how we adore the fact that, when we searched for a streaming version of it online, we found “F*ck Up The Bum – A Step By Step Guide To Making You Master Anal Sex And All Of Its Pleasures.” Life is full of majestic pleasures.
  5. “The Housemaid” – “The Housemaid” is an erotic Korean thriller fresh off the press in 2010. In the tradition of the great spate of 21st Century Korean mindbenders, “The Housemaid” is a seemingly simple idea—a man taking advantage of his privileged class by sleeping with the maid— turns into a labyrinth of intrigue involving pregnancy, manipulation, a demented mother in law, and lots of steamy sex. One of the five best erotic Asian movies, “The Housemaid” is a dementedly good time.
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