5 Best Asian Zombie Movies

Blood, gore, scantily clad babes and general mayhem outlines the 5 best Asian zombie movies. Zombie films generally come two ways, a gore fest or just plain silly. Asian zombie films are no different except they have Asian flair. These five best Asian zombie movies mix all the elements of Asian film, action, babes and general mayhem in delightful fun-filled zombie movie madness.

The five best Asian zombie movies should make the must see list for any zombie fan.

  1. "Versus" (2000) is a Japanese best entry action-packed martial arts zombie killer extravaganza. Very wicked, with some of the best zombie killing action ever caught on film. Perfect film for the horror fan packed with hot chicks, plenty of gore and senseless violence. Easily one of the best Asian zombie movies ever made.
  2. "Wild Zero" (2000) is another Japanese best entry offering plenty of frontal nudity, zombies, rock and roll and death. What more could you want? Plot? Huh? Okay, there is one based around aliens turning people into zombies, was frontal nudity mentioned already? Fun flick with plenty of entertaining points, check it out and see for yourself.
  3. "G.P. 506" (2008) is a Korean best entry offering a true storyline intertwined with sick zombie effects and action. A first of its kind for Korea this film is well thought out and delivered. A little above the normal gore and senseless violence, this film offers a strong story with well-presented characters. One of the best Asian zombie movies for the sophisticated, if you will
  4. "Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombie" (2008) continues the Japanese zombie invasion with a gore fest delight. Note the schoolgirl in the title and that it is Japanese, yes you guessed it hot chicks and zombie gore, is there anything better? The storyline actually is good as well, centered on schoolgirl love and murder. Fun times to say the least.
  5. "Bio Zombie" (1998) is a Chinese offering of comedic mayhem and general zombie silliness. Not for the serious zombie lover, rather those who love the genre and can chuckle at it all. Cheesy and fun describe this Chinese offering to the top five, worth a look if you are into such things as "Shaun of the Dead".

These are all great films and are without a doubt worth a look. Something to cross off your best Asian zombie movies bucket list, perhaps.

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