5 Best Atomic Telemark Skis

If  you need telemark skis, learn about five best Atomic telemark skis. Atomic is traditionally known for making professional and lightweight skis. Many professional skiers use telemark skis, like Carlo Janka. Though Telemark specifies only one model of ski as "telemark," many of their Nordic skiing models are quite similar. The bindings on Nordic and telemark skis attach differently than Alpine skis. Check out the five best Atomic telemark skis:

  1. Atomic Janak Telemark Ski. The Janak is the best Atomic telemark ski for skiers of all abilities. Beginners will appreciate the float on Janak, which will help them carve. More advanced skiers will enjoy the rigid torsional flexion which allows you to telemark ski through any terrain. These best telemark skis are compatible with any telemark bindings, and they are available in four lengths (153, 163, 173, and 183 CM).
  2. Atomic VASA Race G2 Telemark ski. This best telemark ski is made for racing. The Atomic VASA is the best telemark ski for you if you are an ambitious and advanced skier. The base of this ski is a waxless G2 system. The Atomic Vasa comes in four lengths (191, 196, 201, and 206 CM). The slim sidecut on this telemark ski makes carving efficient.
  3. Atomic Rainer Telemark Ski. The Atomic Rainer is the best ski for you if you love touring. The Atomic Rainer is lightweight at 1830 grams. This ski glides smoothly in powder and on icy terrain. This best Atomic ski features a "postgrip" base, which makes it an ideal telemark ski for climbing up and carving down the mountain. The Atomic Rainer is a waxless ski, and it is available in three sizes (160, 180, and 192 CM).
  4. Atomic XCRUISE 48 G2. This best telemark ski is even lighter than the Rainer, at 1140 grams. The XCRUISE is the ideal telemark ski for an experience skier who will appreciate the high torsional flex. Reviewers say skiing feels "effortless" with the XCRUISE. This best Atomic Ski is available in four lengths (163, 173, 183, ans 193 CM).
  5. Atomic WC Classic. The Classic uses the same construction in its core as many airplane models, making it durable yet lightweight. The sidecut of the Atomic classic is made from a lightweight wood material. If you are looking for telemark skiing performance, the WC Classic is the best Atomic ski for you. The Atomic WC Classic is waxable, and it comes in four lengths (191, 196, 201, and 206 CM).
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