5 Best Australian Actors

It doesn't take a film expert to choose the five best Australian actors. For such a small country, that land down under sure produces a lot of great actors. Some of these actors came from other countries, such as England  and New Zealand, before finally settling in Australia. But nevertheless, they are talented enough and Australian enough to make the five best Australian actors list.

  1. Mel Gibson. Whether it's Mad Max, or William Wallace in "Bravehart" with a kilt, Mel Gibson may well be the best known Australian actor. Sadly, Gibson has been more famous for his off screen behavior of late. He should spend more time on the set, and a whole lot less time on the bottle.
  2. Russell Crowe. Folks probably remember him most as Maximus in the old school gore of "Gladiator." Truth be known, however, Crowe was originally from New Zealand. But because he relocated to Australia as a little guy, we'll cut him some slack.
  3. Heath Ledger. It's sad to speak of Heath Ledger as deceased, but this man who one an Oscar for his role as Joker in "The Dark Knight" left his fans far too soon. Ah, but what a fine legacy he left behind! Just imagine what he could have done had he lived.
  4. Guy Pearce. Like Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce was also not originally from Australia. Instead, this man was actually from England. Kids all know him as Kendall in "Bedtime Stories."
  5. Hugh Jackman. Jackman made a huge impact as Wolverine (also known as Logan) in X-Men movie series
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