5 Best Automatic Fly Fishing Reels

The 5 best automatic fly reels will be durable as well as prevent tangled and loose lines. A perfect option for your panfish and small trout fishing, you will be able to keep one hand free. Before purchasing an automatic fly reel, you will want to look at the frame, spool and drag to make sure you are getting the best product for your money.

  1. Pflueger 1195X Automatic Fly Reel. The best automatic fly reel you can buy, it is made of aluminum alloy frame and has a 7/8-inch spool. The main spring as well as the foot and line guard are made of stainless steel. As a bonus, the Pflueger 1195X Automatic Fly Reel stores easily.
  2. Martin Wide Automatic Fly Fishing Reel. Some of the best known automatic fly reels are from Martin. Features of the Martin Wide Automatic Fly Fishing Reel include a responsive ratchet, pawl brake system, built-in clicker and a no-tool takedown. This product also features full free stripping and is affordable while maintaining quality.
  3. Oreno-Matic Automatic Fly Reel. Although not well known, this brand is a classic. Oreno-Matic is one of the best automatic fly reels available to fisherman today. Features you can expect include a quick line pick-up, silent winding, a power spring with controlled tension and a seven-weight fly line capacity.
  4. Pflueger Automatic Fly Reel 1195B. Another product from Pflueger makes the list of the best automatic fly reels due to its quality. This model has an aluminum alloy frame and spool along with stainless steel springs, reel foot and line. Those fishing in ponds or small streams will appreciate the quality materials used in crafting this product.
  5. Martin Narrow Automatic Fly Fishing Reel. While the Martin Narrow is one of the best automatic fly fishing reels, it is meant only for the experienced fisherman. Weighing only two pounds, this product has a slip clutch so users can strip the line freely. Other features include a no-tool takedown, full free stripping, built in clicker and a responsive ratchet and pawl brake system.  
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