5 Best B Horror Movie Actresses

These are the 5 best B horror movie actresses. Horror movies are works of art. They scare the audience to death and at the same time; have them coming back for more. A good horror movie actress is sexy and talented enough to keep the audience’s attention.


    1. Cassandra Peterson-Cassandra Peterson is best known as "Elvira" from the “Elvira Mistress of The Dark” movie. Cassandra’s fame from the Elvira franchise has spanned over 29 years. She has given thousands of interviews on radio and television because of her role as "Elvira Mistress of the Dark." Cassandra hit it big with "Elvira Mistress of the Dark" and the film and character made her one of the most well known and one of the 5 best B horror movie actresses.  Cassandra continued to entertain as her Elvira alter ego.
    2. Tara Reid-Tara Reid has appeared in at least seven B horror movies. She is the perfect sexy horror movie actress.  Possibly best known as the "worst actress" in “Alone in the Dark,” Tara fits the horror movie actress role perfectly. Tara Reid passes as the hot/dumb blonde character that has enough talent to make B rated horror movies successful. Tara Reid is one of the best B Rated horror movie actresses because men want to see this sexy woman as much as they can. She is also known for such films as “Devil’s Pond”, which went straight to DVD.
    3. Debbie Rochon-Debbie Rochon is the ultimate B horror movie actress because she has spent her career in B horror movies. Debbie Rochon is the girl in the shower who screams when something bad is about to happen. She has starred in many B rated horror movies and has half a dozen in production. She has starred in movies like “Dark Karma” and “Nun of That”. She also won the award for “Best Female Psycho in a Movie”. Debbie Rochon was made for B rated movies and B rated movies were made for Debbie Rochon.
    4. Michelle Tomlinson-Michelle Tomlinson is an excellent B horror movie actress. Michelle played a funny/sexy role in the B Horror movie “Brain Dead”. She played a more serious role in “Cellar Door” which is a horror and psychological thriller movie. Michelle won the “Pretty/Scary Award” for her excellent acting in the 2007 film “Rudy". In this film, Michelle's character is captures and tries to get away from her small prison in the cellar. Michelle Tomlinson is one of the best B horror movie actresses because she is talented and truly loves to act in these kinds of films.
    5. Tiffany Shepis-Tiffany Shepis is known as a “Scream Queen” because of her work in several horror films. Tiffany Shepis has played in many B horror movies including “Dorm of The Dead “in 2007, “Chainsaw Cheerleaders” in 2007, “Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! ”, and “Resist Evil I" and "Resist Evil III" in 2008. Besides being a “Scream Queen”, Tiffany Shepis is one of the hottest actresses in B horror movies.
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