5 Best Baccarat Betting Systems

If you want to live like James Bond, gamble like him and learn the 5 best baccarat betting systems. Yes, Baccarat is the preferred form of gambling for Mr. 007. So before you order your martini “shaken, not stirred”, know how to play Baccarat with these 5 winning systems.

You will need the following:

  • A knowledge of baccarat rules
  • Playing cards
  • Betting tokens (actual money, chips, matchsticks, etc.)


  1. The self-taught baccarat system. Though not a baccarat betting system to be found in any book or internet site, it’s best to employ your own knowledge of actual baccarat rules. At home, practice with a pack of playing cards either alone or with partners “for funzies” as opposed to betting actual money while developing a system of your own. Then you’ll be ready to actually gamble “real money” as you employ this system of your own design (which most professional players will tell you typically proves to be just as effective as the other “systems” you can study). 
  2. The 1-3-2-6 System. This is a positive progression system. In other words, it involves concentration on bets placed in the long-run as opposed to trying to win every hand. For example, if you believe (as most do) that you can win four times in a row at baccarat, you should consistently bet one unit (dollar, chip, etc.), then three, then two and finally six throughout your evening of gambling. The belief being that if you walk away at the appropriate time you’ll come out ahead.
  3. The Paroli System. This is also a positive progression system, in that it dictates if you bet one unit and win you should double the next bet, then double it again until you win three times. Then you should start the cycle again. 
  4. The Labouchere System. This is one of the 5 best baccarat betting systems that proves to be more complex than most. For example, The Labouchere System instructs that you basically first bet one unit. Then if your bet wins, you eliminate the outside numbers. Then, again, if your next bet wins you will have completed a cycle and should start again by wagering one unit.
  5. Chemin-de-Fer. This system employs an approach similar to that used by successful Blackjack players in that it insists on defensive play. More specifically, it dictates that in most instances you bet on the dealer’s hand failing as opposed to wagering on your hand succeeding in most instances and leaves overall wagering as an aside.

Otherwise understand that the odds always favor any casino. And even the 5 best baccarat betting systems won’t change this fact.

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