5 Best Bachelor Party Gag Gifts


Bachelor party gag gifts are good, clean and fun essentials to any bachelor party. And not all need to be one-time-use only; some of the best bachelor party gag gifts can be used by the groom even after the wedding. We've found a few such gifts that not only may be integrating into the groom's new life, but are also easy to find and won't cost you a fortune. Behold, bachelor party gag gifts!


Ball and Chain. The ball and chain with leg cuff is the perfect bachelor party gag gift to buy for the groom-to-be. The gag gift can be worn by the bachelor all night and the hollow ball can be filled with sand to create a "weightier" effect.


Giant Flask. Another fun bachelor party gag gift is a jumbo sized flask. Usually able to hold 64 ounces, these flasks are made from stainless steel and have a captive top. Giant flasks are one of the best bachelor party gag gifts because the groom to be can put it to use, not only during his bachelor party, but also on other occasions. Even if the groom does not drink liquor he can still put it to use with a non-alcoholic beverage.


The Beer Belt. The beer belt is not only the best bachelor party gag gift, it is also a gift that can get a lot of use. Coming in a variety of colors and designs, the bachelor party beer belt has an adjustable belt and can fit around six bottles or cans—it's a six pack on the go! Each beer will be kept ice cold by the insulating material that surrounds each can.


Groom Bachelor Party T-shirt. An old standard, nothing sets the groom apart from the rest of the bachelor party than wearing a gag gift ironic T-shirt. The possibilities for what can go on the gag gift T-shirt are endless, but some popular ideas include, "The Doomed Groom" or "Game Over" written on it. The entire bachelor party can join in on the fun and have ironic T-shirts made for themselves as well.


The Boob Tube. What better way to drink the night away with your boys than out of a boob beer bong tube? Great for an at-home or at the bar bachelor party, the giant breast-shaped beer bong is the gift the keeps on giving. If the bachelor party is going to include a few rounds of beer pounding, why not make it exponentially more entertaining?!

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