5 Best Bachelor Party Gifts

The 5 best bachelor party gifts all share the demeaning characteristics of either being low-minded, immature or just downright nasty-which is perfect, because those qualities are all embodied by your typical bachelor party. The bachelor party has become the all-purpose symbol of sophomoric wildness and indulgent and mindless hedonism-not counting those "Girls Gone Wild" situations-so there is no better way to commemorate said party than with these gifts.

  1. Beer Holster. There is nothing that defines a bachelor party more than lecherous men who are wasted out of their minds on alcohol, so to celebrate this holy occasion, there is nothing better than a good, old beer holster. Taking the spot as the best bachelor party gift, the beer holster typifies the reason that you go to a bachelor party in the first place (alright, besides getting laid through casual sex by women whose names you will not remember the next day).
  2. F My Life Book. The F My Life Book takes the second spot on this best bachelor party gifts list because it is great to sadistically laugh at the pain of other people, so long as it does not end up happening to you. This book is filled with miserable and sadism-inducing stories one after another about normal people who suffer the pratfalls of life, whether it's a break-up through a text message or being publicly shamed for everyone to see. This book will at least help you feel better about yourself.
  3. Custom Bobblehead for Guys. Nothing is cooler than a bobblehead (alright, except for maybe some Beanie Babies), which is why this beauty sits at the number three spot. As far as bachelor party gifts go, this custom bobblehead doll allows you to design it so that it actually matches the person you are giving it to.
  4. Classic Pin-up Art Book. Give this gift to a guy if you actually want to foster his sense of Americana along with objectifying women, for a change! At number four because of its historic and vintage value, this classic pin-up art book is a collection of titles from the series of "Girlie Magazines" klotz. The guy who gets this bachelor party gift will be stunned with this mixture of sex and also historic education…so much so that he at first may be confused at the compatibility of the two.
  5. Bike Chain Bottle Opener. Rounding out this countdown of the best bachelor party gifts is this unconventional gift from artisans led by Graham Bergh from Oregon. They actually produce useful and conversation-provoking items such as this bike chain bottle opener from-get this-the recycled parts of bicycles! Talk about innovative (or maybe it's just having too much time on their hands).
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