5 Best Bachelor Party Ideas

Every dude needs to have the 5 best bachelor party ideas in mind, just in case their best bud decides to have a shotgun wedding. Bachelor Parties, one of the many times that men can order strippers, pizza and beer without guilt from the women companions. The 5 Best Bachelor Party Ideas come from, quite simply, the idea of a perfect guy party. So many times bachelor parties become drunken memories that will inevitably bind together into a forgotten memory.

  1. The Party Bus – There are a few variations of this. There is the Party Bus which will get you hammered and take the groom and all of the friends from strip club-to-strip club for a night which is an awesome idea. Especially if the strippers at one place don't reach the Bachelor Party standard. On the other hand, order the stripper and bring her on board, private strippers are a LOT more entertaining as well.
  2. Rent the Strip Club – For the right amount anything can be attained including a strip club. A Bachelor Party is the last time the groom can ever technically have contact with another woman so allow for all of the strippers of a certain club to give him what he wants. Costly. But worth it.
  3. The Vegas – What more needs to be said? It is Sin City and a moment that can never be forgotten. This place has the sex and debauchery to be remembered forever. Usually with the help of video evidence the wife will never see.
  4. Sports Night – It is understandable that some men are not into the women part of a Bachelor Party. Not a problem, the good part about men is we have a few other interests. Well, one or two. Get tickets to a game, go out and party and let people know you are the groom. It is an easy in to meet players and become a center of attention.
  5. The Wing Bowl – It is also obvious that some people do not want to put too much money into their Bachelor Party, or it should actually be said that the Best Man is a cheapskate. That is understandable so maybe it is time to consider the Wing Bowl. The Wing Bowl is just a fancy way of saying go to Hooters and get a bunch of wings and booze. The girls will be free and also make the groom the center of attention. Can't beat a cheap night with ladies all over you.
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