5 Best Ball Hockey Drills

The 5 best ball hockey drills inspire, motivate and improve the skills of the entire team. Ball hockey, also known as Street, Floor and Inline hockey is popular in warmer areas of the world where ice rinks and frozen ponds are not common. Easy to play on any smooth surface, the sport is typically played on roller skates and uses a baseball-size ball made of plastic. The hockey sticks are smaller versions of their ice hockey counterparts and often made of plastic instead of wood. The sport is sometimes played in the streets of neighborhoods but is considered safer when played in organized leagues.

  1. Halves and Wholes. This simple ball hockey drill will improve players skating skills including turning, starting and stopping.  Line up the team along one end of the laid out court. On the blow of the whistle, the players skate to the half court, stop, return to the starting line, turn and head all the way down to the opposite court line. At that point, the players repeat going to the center line and back then returning to the original starting point.
  2. Passing Pairs. This easy ball hockey drill will improve a players passing and receiving skills. Pair up the players and give each a ball. The players start at one end of the court and pass the ball back and forth as they work their way down the court as quickly as possible.
  3. Slap Shot Line. This ball hockey drill improves the goalies defensive skills and the rest of the teams shooting skills. The team lines up on one side of the court. Each player skates across the court and shoots a shot at the goal. The line of shooters moves quickly.
  4. Around the House. This ball hockey drill involves making a large circle of players on the court and letting the players pass to each other randomly. This will sharpen their reflex skills as the passing will come as a surprise.
  5. Races. The final suggested ball hockey drill is to let the players race back and forth on the court. This competition style practice will increase all the players speed.
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