5 Best Ballistic Nylon Briefcases

Portable electronic equipment has increased the demand of ballistic nylon briefcases, so knowing what the 5 best ballistic nylon briefcases is essential if you own any portable device. Nylon is durable and time resistant. A very important reason for nylon briefcases is that they are lighter in weight and easier to clean than those made in other materials. Ballistic nylon briefcases are best known for portable purposes. These make carrying electronics convenient and safer.

Five of the best ballistic nylon briefcases available in market are as follows:

  1. Naneu Military Tech MT15 Camera case. These nylon briefcases come in compact shape and the best selling color is olive green. The pouch also includes two internal sections for carrying booklets and literature. The external flap of this nylon briefcase has two small pockets. These are meant to carry accessories such as power cord and audio video extension.
  2. Lincoln 53-201-BLK Notebook Case. This is a black nylon laptop case. It is made flat with added pockets to carry CDs and other gadgets, such as flash drives. This can also be successfully used to carry projectors and laptop computers. The best thing about this nylon briefcase is its versatility in carrying a multitude of electronics varieties.
  3. Naneu MT-13 Notebook Case. This beautifully made laptop nylon briefcase comes complete with hand carry and shoulder carry straps. This has two-compartment capacity to carry an adaptor as well as the necessary cords. The bright black color is dust resistant. The inside lining is made of lined foam to protect sensitive equipment from shock. The case is well insulated to safeguard from temperature changes.
  4. Tenba Prodigital 2.0 Messenger Bag. This is a ballistic nylon briefcase that has a messenger bag style. The soft black soot color makes any dirt or staining less noticeable. The interior provides multiple pockets to carry envelopes separately. The compartments are big enough to carry files and papers. The inside space is made roomy to provide capacity for folders.
  5. Case Logic VNA-216 Notebook Case. A dobby nylon, brown colored briefcase, this case has a chic design. This nylon briefcase provides an external pocket for carrying necessary paperwork for presentations. It also acts as a professional bag for carrying office work. This nylon briefcase can also carry electronic memos and digital diaries. All necessary office tools as stationery can also be accommodated in this design.
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