5 Best Ballroom Dancing Movies

The 5 best ballroom dancing movies incorporate heartwarming plots with graceful dance scenes. Some movies mix ballroom dancing with a modern hip-hop style, which adds excitement to classic dances. All movies have beautiful choreography of the various styles that make up the passionate world of ballroom dancing. Tango, foxtrot, waltz and quickstep are dancing styles being tastefully performed and represented in the best ballroom dancing movies.

  1. "Take the Lead" This is of the best ballroom dancing movies because it is based on a real life moving story about inner city kids learning self-esteem and honor through dance. The movie revolves around instructor Pierre Dulaine volunteering to teach a group of troubled high school students ballroom dancing during detention. The problematic students try to reject Dulaine and ballroom dancing, but eventually warm up to the idea and even incorporate hip-hop into dances. This 2006 ballroom dance movie has great choreography performed by the instructor played by Antonio Banderas and the students.
  2. "Shall We Dance" An overworked lawyer named John Clark notices a beautiful woman in a ballroom dance studio everyone on his commute home from work. One evening, on an impulse, he goes into the studio and signs up for ballroom dancing classes. Clark attempts keeps his friends and family in the dark about his newfound love for ballroom dancing as he trains for Chicago's biggest dance competition. This romantic comedy is one of the best ballroom dancing movies because the storyline has a moral: No matter how old you are, there is still time to have new adventures.
  3. "Mad Hot Ballroom" This movie is a documentary about children from various public schools learning ballroom dancing. It follows the kids as they journey from learning ballroom dancing to competing in the final citywide competition. The documentary shows New York City urban children learning the classic ballroom dances merengue, rumba, tango, the foxtrot and swing. All the children are around eleven years old and come from three different schools. This is one of the best ballroom dancing movies because the kids' moments are enjoyable to watch.
  4. "Assassination Tango" This is one of the best ballroom dancing movies because it was filmed in Buenos Aires and uses authentic tango locations throughout the film. The ballroom dancing movie stars Robert Duvall as John, a hitman that finds time on his hands when a job in Argentina gets delayed. John meets a beautiful dancer named Manuela who ends up becoming his ballroom dance teacher. The movie has an authentic feel because real tango dancers Geraldine Rojas and Javier Rodriguez are featured in the film dancing at the local spots Manuela takes John dancing. The raw emotion and grace of the tango is brought to life in this ballroom dancing movie.
  5. "Dance with Me" After his mother passes away, Rafael leaves Cuba for Houston in search of his father. Upon arriving, Rafael learns his father John is the owner of a rundown dance studio. Rafael becomes the studio's handyman but soon learns the ways of ballroom dancing. Teaching him is Ruby, an instructor who wants her top spot back at the Professional International Latin Ballroom competition. The romantic tale is one of the best ballroom dancing movies because it incorporates many dance scenes without taking away from the heartwarming plot.
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