5 Best Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods

The 5 best bamboo fly fishing rods available today is knowledge that any serious sportsman will be anxious to learn. Fishing with a bamboo fly fishing rod is an exhilarating experience! So much so, that once you use a bamboo fly fishing rod, you will probably never want to go back to using graphite or fiberglass rods. This will be especially true if you are lucky enough to have tried one of the higher end models available today. Yes, these rods can be expensive, but properly cared for and maintained, you will never buy another rod again. Hand crafted bamboo fly fishing rods provide unmatched smooth casting strokes, while still providing the immense strength needed to fight the fish. By using a bamboo fly fishing rod, you will feel more strokes from fish that simply lip at the fly rather than hit it with force. Listed here are the 5 best bamboo fly fishing rods on the market today.

  1. Special Edition Orvis Mitey Mite Bamboo Fly Rod and Janciuras Reel Outfit. This rod is just like the original, and is being produced especially for collectors who remember the original Mitey Mite, which was built in 1967, and will always be one of the best bamboo fly fishing rods. The Special Edition is also handcrafted in the Vermont bamboo fly rod shop. Orvis craftsmanship is a very special thing, as they have built excellent rods for 150 years. This limited edition is a 5'0" 5 weight, and is only 2.2 ounces. It comes with a Wes Jordan tube and a saddle stitched leather and aluminum liner. The production number is printed clearly on the Mitey Mite rod. Only ten of these outfits will be produced.
  2. Scott Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod. A list of the 5 best bamboo fly fishing rods would not be complete without mentioning a Scott fly fishing rod. Scott Fly Rods and fly fishing pro Bernard Ramanauskus have combined their incredible knowledge to produce these fine rods. Each model is made with an unmatched taper, and swells and hollow blanks, to provide the smoothness in casting that you want. You will be able to throw an unbelievable flat line, yet the rod will still maintain the strength needed to bring in the fish. These rods are also being offered in a limited number
  3. Hardy Gladstone Split Cane Rod. This rod was designed by master rod builder Callum Gladstone. You can easily tell that Gladstone rods are built with pride and passion, which, of course, means they should be included as one of the 5 best bamboo fly fishing rods. Each rod is hand built, with the specifications for which Gladstone has become known. Modern manufacturing advances have increased the casting, balance and sensitivity of the outfit
  4. Orvis Penn's Creek Full Flex Fly Rod. Orvis is another brand that simply must be included in a list of the 5 best bamboo fly fishing rods. This incredibly light weight rod is considered to be an incredibly enjoyable full flex bamboo trout rod. At only 3 5/8 ounces, and 7'2 split bamboo. it may seem light, yet it is incredibly strong. The light and flexible tip provide excellent casting and sensitivity.
  5. Orvis Limited Edition Flea Fly Fishing Rod. Hand built in America, these rods are constructed with experience totaling over 40 years. This 6'6" rod is only 4.0 ounces, which makes it the right choice for offering tiny little flies to cautious fish. It has been upgraded from the 1960's version with a hand engraved nickel reel band. Also included is a Wes Jordan leather and aluminum tube. A very nice rod, it will easily last for many years with the right care.

Any fly fishing enthusiast will benefit from only using the finest equipment, and this list of the 5 best bamboo fly fishing rods will help him or her to identify that equipment.  

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