5 Best Bangkok Brothels

Should you be going to look for some “hide the snake fun”  in Bangkok Thailand, then it will be best to know which are the 5 Best Bangkok Brothels.  The traditional definition of what is a brothel, or what we know as a brothel here in the West, takes a different meaning in the East, particularly in Thailand. In fact, the closest definition one can come to a brothel would be the famous, or maybe infamous,  massage parlors.

  1. Mona Lisa is considered to be one of the top massage parlors or if not, then it is the most popular.  If you are a new visitor to Thailand, ask for a good massage parlor with a “happy ending," then this is usually the place they will take you to or recommend.
  2. Peppermint is a bar located in Patpong 1 with plenty of women from the hinterlands. Quite a handful of young and fair skinned Thai women hang out here and there are places upstairs in special rooms where you can do the nasty. 
  3. Thermae is actually a pick up joint where there are plenty of “farangs.”  However the “farangs” here are a bit more traveled and sophisticated and you can strike up a good conversation. The ladies here are also much more aggressive than in other areas. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Thermae is open at hours when most establishments are closed? Plenty of good eats and drinks in this place. No pun intended.
  4. The Grace Hotel has a coffee shop that has plenty of pickup women, making this basically a pseudo-brothel.  Basically you pick up the women in the coffee shop and check in at the hotel. A favorite amongst Middle Eastern tourists it has basically slowed down but still a good place to go to.
  5. The SOI Cowboy is for the gay crowd. Wild parties and craziness abounds in this place. If this is your sort of fun in terms of a “night out with the boys” then this is the place for you. This world famous place is located in Patpong 3.
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