5 Best Bartending Gadgets to Include in a Wet Bar

Although a choice liquor selection is important, including these 5 best bartending gadgets to include in a wet bar. Not only will you be able to make excellent libations, your friends will think you’re all James Bond when you whip out the gadgets to make that classic martini.

  1. Jigger. This cocktail gadget measures the proper pour of alcohol to include in your drink. Yes, it may seem unnecessary, especially for those who like to pour with a heavy fist. Don’t be so quick to load up on alcohol. A jigger lets you create a well balanced cocktail with precise measurements. If you need something extra, have a shot on the side.
  2. Citrus Squeezer. This manual juicer is the cocktail gadget of choice if you want a healthy dollop of lime in your drink without the sticky hands that come with it. The handy gadget lets you press the juice of any citrus fruit right into your drink, eliminating the need for prepackaged lime juice. Use it to spice up a margarita or gin and tonic with lime.
  3. Whiskey Rocks. This bar gadget is old school. Chill some of these granite stones in your freezer. When you’re drinking some Scotch or another classic spirit on the rocks, drop them right in your glass. They’ll cool the booze without watering it down. Everyone will think you rock, naturally.
  4. Rabbit Cork Screw. Want to do away with the pesky business of opening wine? This bar gadget pops the cork in seconds. Two tongs clinch the bottle’s neck, and a lever pops the cork in a matter of seconds. It’s one pet rabbit the whole family can love.
  5. Kegerator. Because sometimes, you just want a bar gadget that will help you out with the brew. Kegerators are an essential tool for the home bar. They let you keep your kegs cold and enjoy an icy tap whenever you feel like it. Check out some smaller models, like the Krup's BeerTender that’s meant to sit right on your counter.
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