5 Best Baseball Drinking Games

Finding the 5 best baseball drinking games can be a difficult task. Non-drinkers, like the author, may choose to skip the beer, but that takes most of the fun out of drinking games. Teetotalers have their fun by convincing other people to engage in drinking games. Here, in the order of the potential amusement for people who do not drink, are the top 5 drinking games to engage in while watching the World Series or any other baseball-like game.

  1. Kenny Rogers or "The Gambler." This baseball drinking game works equally well with beer or shots. When a hitter comes up to bat, a player will bet on whether the batter gets a hit or the other team gets an out. The Loser takes a drink.
  2. Total Bases. The total game works best with beer, unless the players of the game want to get drunk quickly. Every time a baseball player gets on base, the players take a drink for each player occupying a base
  3. The Home Team. Despite the name of this game, each player picks a team he chooses to represent. Every time the team he chooses scores a run, gets a base, strikes someone out, or does something otherwise considered to be favorable, he takes a drink.  What makes this one of the best baseball drinking
  4. The Toronto Blue Jays. As long as the teams are reasonably competent. The Toronto Blue Jays game works the opposite of the home team baseball drinking game. Every time a team makes a bad play, the player representing that team takes a drink
  5. The Crotch Grab. Drinks with low alcohol content work best for this top 5 baseball games, unless the participants are looking to get hammered. Players take a drink anytime the camera shows a player grabbing a crotch, slapping a teammate’s posterior, spitting tobacco, picking his nose, or even doing something mundane like adjusting his baseball glove.
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