5 Best Bass Boats

The weather's warming up, and those lunkers are calling your name; and with this guide to the 5 Best Bass Boats, you'll be reeling 'em in one right after the other. There are many bass boats out on the market; but with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best bass boat to fit your personal needs.

5 Best Bass Boats:

  1. Ranger: Ranger bass boats have set the standard by which all other bass boats are measured. They've been consistently ranked among the most popular and best bass boats available. Now with their "Z Series", they've raised the bar for fishing performance, convenience and stability. This addition to the Ranger line comes completely equipped with a whole array of features including solid state digital switching, SRS seating, and an exclusive dri-latch compartment locking system. The "Z" series boats are available in 20'.5" to 22'.2" This overall design is combined with its increased acceleration and handling making it one of the 5 best bass boats for your money.
  2. Nitro: Nitro bass boats belong to the renowned Tracker Marine Boat family. They share their affiliation with other Tracker names such as Tahoe, Seacraft, Kenner, and Mako. The Nitro's pricing and availability make it a popular choice for the beginner looking to invest in their first fiberglass boat. For the more experienced angler, Nitro offers more high-performance rigs which have the ringing endorsement of some of the biggest names in the fishing world as Rick Clunn and Kevin Van Dam. A couple of the heavy-hitters in the Nitro arsenal include the 9 Series boats and the 911CDC which boasts a center dual console design which lets you fish 360 degrees from the same seat.
  3. Procraft: Another popular name in the Tracker family is the Procraft Bass Boat. These boats offer not only a lot of deck space, but are stocked with many basic fishing features in the purchase price as well. Many fully loaded Procraft Bass Boats carry a 225 hp motor, and will go for well under $30,000; and many models, such as the Procraft Pro 185DC come ready for any fishing outing or tournament. Procraft rigs come supplied with mercury outboards and motor guide trolling motors which help make the Procraft Bass Boat one of the easiest names to afford when looking for your first bass boat.
  4. Skeeter: The Skeeter name hit the market back in 1948 with its trademark narrow-nose design named after the mosquito. More than a half-century later, the Skeeter name still continues to be one of the most highly sought after names in the tournament community. Their SX model is among the best value for your buck on the market. The signature design on their ZX300 sets the standard for bass boat enthusiasts. This bad boy is almost 22' long, has a 64 gallon fuel tank, and can command even the largest lake with its 300 hp Yamaha VMAX.
  5. Triton:If you've ever been fishing, odds are that you've seen a Triton bass boat blasting past you. Triton boats are one of the easiest brands to identify on the open water due to their round windshield and their ergonomic floating consoles. However, they are also undoubtedly one of the safest as well. This maker has engineered an onboard, retractable ladder at the stern which is easily accessible should you lose a fight and end up overboard.

When figuring out which of these boats would be the best bass boat for you, you need to first decide what the main purpose would be, and how you plan on using it. Whether you're looking for a high-powered rig, or something a little more low-key for a beginner, any of these 5 best bass boat suggestions will be more than enough to satisfy that fishing urge.   




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